SANAVA promotes visual arts, develops visual artists and furthers international cooperation in the field of the visual arts Newsletter Nº
June 2015
Dirkie's Dialogue...

It was not only fun and games at the recent SANAVA Annual General Meeting in Paternoster on the West Coast. A serious meeting of the National Council, comprising representatives of SANAVA branches and affiliates, took place on Friday, 5 June. You will find the resolutions below. The Annual General Meeting, open to all, took place on Saturday, 6 June. We were delighted to see so many of you there.

I wish to thank Dianne Heesom-Green and the Paternoster branch for hosting the meetings at the cosy Stone Fish Studio, for the demonstrations by ceramic artist Vuyisa Potina, and for facilitating the children's art competition.

A highlight was the unveiling in Paternoster by Councillor Harold Cleophas, Executive Mayor of the West Coast District Municipality, of a public sculpture by world-renowned artist Herman van Nazareth.

The SANAVA luncheon at Voorstrandt was unexpectedly and generously sponsored by the Rembrandt Art Foundation – many thanks!

A number of branches and affiliates reported at the AGM and we are hoping to receive the annual reports from you all for adding to the new website. The winds of change have been blowing for the past year and we have done away with paperwork! Everything has been digitised and the cheque book (do you remember those?) recycled.

Visit the lively SANAVA Facebook for all the details and see our stunning new website soon!

Kind regards
Dirkie Offringa
National President

Young artists at work.
Ceramic artist Vuyisa Potina sharing his expertise.
Executive Mayor Cleophas unveiling Herman van Nasareth's 'The Cry'.
The President - Dirkie Offringa, The Mayor - Harold Cleophas and the Ward Councillor - Brenda Jordaan.
Potina's pricelss works in the making.
The day SANAVA came to Paternoster

Some 30 SANAVA members descended on Paternoster on the West Coast for the recent 2015 Annual General Meeting. Members attended from as far afield as Mbombela, East London and Gauteng, and also from the West Coast, Cape Town and Stellenbosch. The chair of SANAVA's most recent branch - SANAVA Paternoster – Diane Heesom-Greene of the Stone Fish Studio and gallery and host of the meeting, ensured that branch members attended in full force.

Apart from enjoying the West Coast hospitality, members were hard at work, participated enthusiastically and took decisions to benefit SANAVA in both the National Council and Annual General Meetings.

Decisions, resolutions and ratifications

National president's report


President's Annual Report

It gives me pleasure to report on the status and activities of the South African National Association for the Visual Arts (SANAVA), covering the period 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015.


Membership now stands at 34 branches and 31 affiliate members.

Secretariat / office administration
The 2014 Annual General Meeting mandated the executive committee to take operational decisions. This empowers SANAVA to operate efficiently as a modern-day business undertaking. The SANAVA Constitution (9.10.5) empowers the executive committee to engage and dismiss an executive officer, officials and such other clerical staff as in its opinion may be required and to determine their status, duties and remuneration.

Anton Loubser, in the former capacity of executive officer, attended to the day-to-day administration and financial operations. I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to him for his support and his dedicated service.

The SANAVA Management Committee accepted the proposal presented by Junxion Communications and the administration of SANAVA was transferred to this company on 1 May 2014. The appointment of Junxion Communications as the SANAVA secretariat was approved by Council and ratified by the 2014 Annual General Meeting.

Streamlining and modernising SANAVA's management systems and revitalising the SANAVA newsletter had been long overdue. All organisations use technology and contemporary design to communicate with their audience.

SANAVA appreciates the support and cooperation shown by SANAVA branches and affiliated members. I once again urge members to provide the secretariat with the contact details of your members, so as to compile a distribution list that will facilitate direct distribution of information to them immediately.

Office accommodation
Modern times require modern approaches. Businesses are often run digitally and paperless from virtual offices – this makes a "head office" obsolete. SANAVA's former executive officer had office accommodation at the Anton van Wouw House Museum which is administered by the University of Pretoria. A recommendation regarding the future was presented to and approved at the National Council at the 2014 AGM. The University of Pretoria and SANAVA both agreed to suspend the agreement.

SANAVA documentation and art collection
The SANAVA documentation was subsequently archived at Unisa [to be made available for students] and the artworks were given to the University of Pretoria on loan. This art collection stems from the artworks donated to SANAVA by artists using the SANAVA residencies at the Cité International des Arts in Paris.

As agreed at the 2014 AGM, a selection committee - Barry Gibb, Harry Siertsema and Annelize Marais - will in future view donated works of artists intending to visit the Cité, before they leave. The artworks will be donated unconditionally, allowing SANAVA to deal with these as it finds fit.

Newsletter SANAVA Matters
I trust that all members are as delighted with the SANAVA newsletter, SANAVA Matters, as I am. However, we are still not receiving news from the branches and affiliates.

Nandi Hilliard, Manager of the Mackie Street Art Gallery of the Association of Arts Pretoria very kindly administered the SANAVA website until it was transferred to the new secretariat. This was approved at the 2014 AGM. The website has been regularly updated but I am hoping to show you the new look tomorrow!


The reports submitted by the Honorary National Treasurer, Advocate Alexander Ellis, and the Association's Honorary Auditors, Messrs Griesel Nel and Associates, reflect a fairly stable image of SANAVA's financial situation as at 31 March 2015. However, SANAVA faces a big challenge to raise funds for its operations and especially special projects.

I am glad to announce that part of the funding application submitted to the National Lotteries Distribution Fund a few years ago has at last been approved.


Cité Internationale des Arts
SANAVA's three art studios in the Cité remain a strong draw card. As from January 2013, the monthly levy payable to the Cité Administration amounts to just over 400 Euro per month. During the year under review about 15 artists could be favoured with a stay at the Cité, on average each for a two months' stay. This included Liberty Battson from Pretoria, winner of the 2014 Absa l'Atelier award, and Nekhavhambe Mbavhalelo from Thohoyandou, winner of the Gerard Sekoto Prize, offered by the French Embassy, Institut Français and Alliance Française in South Africa.

International exhibitions
At the 2014 AGM the SANAVA National Council supported the policy that hosting of international art exhibitions was the mandate and responsibility of the South African government and art museums, not that of SANAVA. However, invitations to participate in international exhibitions from abroad and information regarding international projects are disseminated to all members via SANAVA Matters.

International Association of Art (IAA)
In 2005, SANAVA renewed its membership of the IAA. SANAVA is keeping up its membership, but it has become exorbitant to allow an exco member to attend international meetings.


The Absa (now Barclays) L'Atelier Art Competition
The current partnership agreement between SANAVA and Absa / Barclays makes provision for R5 000 for collection points of artworks and another R5 000 should the branch decide to host a small exhibition of the chosen works. Furthermore, Absa will pay the SANAVA membership fees of those branches chosen as collection points that are struggling to pay the fees.

I am delighted that the cooperation between SANAVA and Absa / Barclays will continue - all to the benefit of the visual arts in South Africa in general and to our members in particular.

Other competitions
Annual events such as the Absa l'Atelier competition, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and two major competitions managed to a great extent by the Association of Arts Pretoria, being the PPC Young Concrete Sculptor Awards competition, sponsored by PPC, and the SASOL New Signatures competition, sponsored by SASOL and showcased in the Pretoria Art Museum, have become highlights on the South African arts calendar.

SANAVA is proud to learn about various other initiatives taken, and activities driven by its autonomous branches and affiliates. Information about these competitions, projects and activities are disseminated in our newsletter, SANAVA Matters.

We thank our Auditors, Messrs Griesel Nel at Centurion, in particular Mr Jan Nel, for the excellent auditing services and financial advice rendered to SANAVA over many years.

With the sustained support of all these persons and bodies and its secretariat, Ben Rootman and Martin van Niekerk, the autonomous branches and affiliates, SANAVA will continue to serve the visual arts in the interest of an essential element in the spiritual fabric of South African society.

On behalf of the South African National Association for the Visual Arts, I wish to pass on my sincere thanks to all those who deal with SANAVA, whether as autonomous branches, affiliated organisations, financial sponsors and individuals who contribute to the promotion and sustainability of visual arts projects countrywide.

Dirkie Offringa
National President

The report of the national president was approved.


SANAVA's financial situation is in a stable condition.

At the end of the previous financial year that ended on 31 March 2015, the association had total assets of just over R391 000.

For the reporting year the income was R126 577. This was from membership money. L'Atelier sponsorship and interest received.

The contribution of membership fees to our gross revenue remains an important part of our income.

Operating expenses for the same period came to just over R216 000.

By the end of the financial year the club showed an operating deficit just under R90 000.

By the end of the financial year the cash on hand was R391 949.

Ben Rootman
For Alexander Ellis
Honorary Treasurer

The financial statements of both SANAVA and the Cité Trust were approved.

Use of Cité Trust funds' interest

The National Council and AGM meetings resolved that the interest of the Cité Trust Fund be used to assist deserving artists visiting the Cité.

The meetings also mandated the secretariat to explore more lucrative investment opportunities for the funds and report back to the management committee.

Dirkie Offringa was elected as trustee in place of Anton Loubser who has resigned from the SANAVA executive.

Alexander Ellis was reappointed as honorary treasurer.

Pieter van Heerden of Arts Association, Pretoria was elected as national vice president in the one vacant position.

Modernised constitution

The modernised constitution, reworked by constitutional expert, Prof Marinus Wiechers and SANAVA exco member and communications law attorney Yvonne Burns, assisted by the secretariat, was approved by all branch and affiliate members prior to the AGM and approved by national Council and ratified by the AGM. The revamped constitution will be posted on the new website soon.

Cité applications

The meetings resolved that approved applicants to the Cité pay a deposit equal to one month's levy. This will be paid back into the applicant's bank account in the month when leaving for the Cité.

Membership of the International Association of Art

The meetings resolved that SANAVA remains a member of the association but in the light of the exchange rate, refrain from attending intentional meetings. Additional ways of communicating with the association to be enhanced.

Barclays L'Atelier

The meetings endorsed SANAVA's continued affiliation with the competition and welcomed the extended exposure to participating members.
Nominations for Helgaard Steyn Award for Painting open

The call for nominations for the Helgaard Steyn Award for Painting 2015 is open.

Exceeding R400 0000, the Helgaard Steyn Award is one of the most substantial art prizes in the country.

Any artist of South African birth is eligible for the award. The prize is awarded for any work of art considered, in the opinion of the panel of adjudicators, to be the most meritorious in the discipline, provided that it was produced during the past four years and that it remains accessible to the South African public, for example by being included in a public art collection or by being part of/installed in a public building or space.

Past recipients are Pippa Skotnes, Nel Erasmus, Robert Hodgins, Cyril Coetzee, Bronwen Findlay and Pauline Gutter.

For more information contact Angela de Jesus, 051 4012706,
Renowned potter @ SANAVA – Paternoster

Leading South African potter Hennie Meyer is in residence at the Stone Fish Studio and gallery – home of SANAVA Paternoster - this week.

The West Coast is offered a wonderful chance to visit the studio and watch a master at work.

Meyer is an acclaimed South African ceramist. He works predominantly in earthenware, creating highly individual pieces. He enjoys the challenge of making composite shapes, experimenting continually with the expressive qualities of clay and glaze. His balance of strong form with highly detailed surfaces creates aesthetically pleasing vessels in his recognisable signature style.

Meyer studied ceramics in Australia and South Africa. He exhibits extensively, both locally and overseas. His work has been included in numerous permanent collections and international publications. Meyer, his wife and their two sons live in Durbanville, Cape Town. He works and teaches from his studio at home.

See Meyer at work at the studio between 10:00 and 16:00 until 6 July.

For more information phone 082 824 8917.
Art.b hosts Tiny Treasures exhibition

Art.b, the Art association of Bellville, is hosting an exhibition of small but collectable artworks at affordable prices, towards the survival of the gallery.

The exhibition, in the gallery in the Library Centre in Carel in Van Aswegen Street, will officially be opened by Juria le Roux on Wednesday, 8 July at 18:30 and will be on until 29 July.
My stay at the Cité

Peter Nicolle

My stay at the Cité from March to May this year started with a welcoming lunch for all the residents and the newcomers were given information about the running of the Cité.

My studio was in the main block looking onto the rue de l'Hotel de Ville, and across the Seine, in the Marais district, wonderfully placed for access to the Metro and shopping district.

Initially the trees were bare and the weather cold which did not make painting "en plein air" very easy. As the months passed the new spring growth and bright green leaves and flowers brought a wonderful spring light and ambience to Paris.

My intention was to paint the people of Paris, and time was spent painting in the studio and tripping around the numerous galleries, museums and markets of Paris.

A very impressive art market took place around the Port de l'Arsenale up to Place de la Bastille over a long weekend. Some 690 artists each with their own stall, selling and exhibiting their work, made for a great display of contemporary art.

I acquired a secondhand bicycle and cycling around gave me more freedom and easy access to places I would not have easily seen, relying on the Metro. Cycling in Paris is a routine for very many people of all ages, and cycle paths are laid out throughout the city. The motor vehicles are also very aware of cyclists and the numerous other modes of transport – skateboards, rollerblades, monocycles, scooters and many pedestrians.

Having a museum access card made free admittance to some museums and galleries a great help.

I also attended several life-drawing sessions at Academie de la Grand Chaumiere, a 110-year old art school in the Montparnasse district. Drawing and painting sessions are open to anyone and artists from many countries attended. We had some excellent professional models and the sky-lighted old room was a delight to experience.

The other two South African studios were occupied by Lorna Jakins, Liberty Battson and Venessa van der Westhuizen, who were willing companions to several museums and outings.

I found the three months very inspiring and enlightening.
Stellies sketch group at Muratie

The Stellies Sketch Group held their plein air sketching/painting day at Muratie, one of the oldest Stellenbosch wine farms, recently. More than 30 sketchers from Cape Town, Somerset West, Kalk Bay, Durbanville and Stellenbosch enjoyed an inspirational day together and will no doubt be repeating this event at different locations in future.

Organising member Fawa Conradie says it was an incredible day and indeed worthwhile.

"We believe that sketchers should get together and exchange ideas, techniques and enthusiasm - and then share it with the worldwide community of sketchers," said Conradie.

For more information contact Conradie at, 082 458 6922 and please like the Facebook group.
Artist Lizelle Engelbrecht and gallery owner Hanli Theron.
Engelbrecht's exhibition dazzles

Lizelle Engelbrecht's exhibition 'Reflect' at the Pumpkin House Gallery in Langebaan on the West Coast dazzled viewers and the first painting was sold within the first few minutes.

All the work on display had a similar theme, brilliantly executed in mixed medium. The artist works with foil, silver and gold leaf as well as concrete in layers to create a very pleasing effect of light and the accompanying random reflection. Her art hit home with the west coast viewers as she used the Seeberg huisie in the West Coast National Park and the little fishing boat on main beach as her subject. Her landscapes with the wind pumps were alluring and transported the viewer to unknown but familiar places.

The names of her paintings were also suitably named and reflected the theme of the evening, for example, Blink and Glinster, invited the viewer to engage with the art as well as the artist.

This exhibition is on until Sunday, 5 July. For more information phone Hanli on 082 853 8187.
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