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October 2016
Avi's notes

The past month has been a busy one on the art scene - the 2016 Sasol New Signatures Art Competition took place in Pretoria, whilst an exciting exhibition 'Come see what 4 artists did in Paris', tells us about the artists' stay at the Cité in Paris. SANAVA owns three studios in this world capital of art and it is interesting to learn about their views.

Just as interesting is the concept of a pop-up gallery, this one in Newlands, Johannesburg, which is mainly unmanned and people can view the works online or make an online appointment to go and have a look. Interesting to say the least – what is your view?

Read about these and other art happenings in this month's edition of SANAVA Matters.

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Avitha Sooful
National President
Zyma Amien the 2016 Sasol New Signatures Art Competition winner

Cape Town-based artist, 54-year-old Zyma Amien, is the winner of the 2016 Sasol New Signatures Art Competition.

"The work pays homage to my mother and grandmother, who worked in the garment sector and were exploited under the country's minimum wage laws," says Amien.

Her winning mixed media titled 'Paying homage', addresses labour issues, particularly in the garment and textile industry.

Amien's artwork consists of three suspended overalls, which are offset by three appropriated sewing machines, which forcefully 'pin' the artwork to the floor.

"These overalls, worn by female workers and made with gauze, represent wounds and scars. They allude to historical, physical and structural pain suffered by my mother who worked in the trade for over 50 years."

"This year's entries reflected a good balance between 'traditional' and 'contemporary' mediums," said artist, judge and National Sasol New Signatures Art Competition Chairperson, Pieter Binsbergen.

"The artists used many different resources, from a toothpick to plastic and gave them meaning. Whatever the mode used, all of the entrants had something in common - they combined materials with innovative ideas to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary."

Amien walks away R100 000 and the opportunity to have her first solo exhibition in 2017.

The competition is presented annually in collaboration with the Association of Arts Pretoria.

As the longest running art competition in South Africa, the competition - now in its 27th year – has been a platform for promoting emerging artists and their work to the art-loving public at large. Many of the works now have a place in the Sasol art collection.

Binsbergen said the Sasol New Signatures has always kept its ear to the ground in terms of what inspires young artists.

"Sasol has laid emphasis on the educational value of the competition, as it plays a vital role in the sustainability of young and upcoming artists. The competition piloted feedback sessions this year to try and bridge the communication gap between the regional selectors and the participating artists. We believe these feedback sessions will fuel new interest, offer clear insight and serve to inspire entrants to rise to the challenge and re-enter in 2017."

Senior Vice President Public Affairs and Real Estate Services at Sasol, Wrenelle Stander, said this year's finalists and their works live up to the reputation of what the competition has become known for.

"A great feature of the competition is the various ways in which emerging artists vent their innermost expressions with art that ranges from experimental to conceptual and cutting-edge. Sasol's support of the arts, both as a sponsor and collector, stemmed from our understanding and appreciation of the important role that art plays to lift our spirits, to entertain, to stimulate our minds, to excite critical thought and to enrich our lives.

"Through art, we are able to get a glimpse into the values that a society holds dear, as well as the socio-economic and political issues at play," she said.

Paul Andries Marais of Stellenbosch scooped second place for his digital video titled 'Delicates'. The video references the contemporary post-apartheid South African landscape, which the artist feels is still rife with discrimination, communication challenges and inequality. In a visual narrative, Marais aims to construct an allegory using a glove, a washing machine, basin and socks as characters to bring attention to the delicate socio-political situation in South Africa.

The other winners in the merit category are Matilda Engelblik of Pretoria - 'Mapping loss – spaces and dialogues', Shaun James Francis of Johannesburg - 'Two weeks', Mosa Anita Kaiser of Grahamstown - 'In living water', Zane Wesley Lange of Port Elizabeth - 'Somatacized' and Aneesa Loonat of Port Elizabeth - 'Trash'.

Each merit award winner received R10 000.

Exhibiting alongside the winning works is the 2015 Sasol New Signatures winner, Nelmariie Du Preez with her solo exhibition entitled 'Loops of relation ... a continuation'.

All 100 shortlisted artworks will be exhibited alongside the winners at the Pretoria Art Museum until Sunday, 9 October 2016.
Abraham le Roux
Seed of Creation
Out of the fire, into the light @ the Association of Arts Pretoria

2016 is the year of glass in South Africa, especially in the North. Almost 40 invited glass artists from across the country are exhibiting new work at the Association of Arts Pretoria until 12 October.

One of the features of coming 'out of the fire and into the light' is the emergence of 'Art glass' in its various forms, displayed in contrast to its decorative, utilitarian, yet superb craftsmanship of the past four millennia. Glass, warm, cold and hot, is on display, showing off their dazzling dance with light.

It seems the tide of glass within the international arts milieu is rising. New creative currents are constantly reported. This is encouraging, important and mutually fructifying, setting the scene for future possibilities within the field of creative glass.

'Out of the fire, into the light' is the first page of the next chapter of Southern African Glass Art, building on the ripples from the glass festivals held by the South African Glass Art Society a decade ago.

On Saturday, 8 October at 10:30 until 12:30 a glass talk - Reflections on South African glass - will be presented by Thabang Monoa, Martli Jansen van Rensburg, Mike Hyam and Maxi Pretorius at the association's offices in Pretoria. Phone 012 346 3100, e-mail
'The storytellers' at the Tina Skukan gallery

An exhibition of work by Zimele Ceramics and Liebet Jooste's illustrations titled 'The Storytellers' is on at the Tina Skukan gallery in Pretoria until 6 October.

Zimele, the Zulu word for independent, is a group of independent ceramic artists who previously formed part of the Ardmore stable. Today, they strive for recognition in the art industry by creating playful and bold pieces from their imaginative minds.

The South African painter and illustrator, Liebet Jooste, creates characters, plants and things within a wonderfully strange landscape. Through the juxtaposition of detail and simplicity, bright colours and monochrome, she brings to life a world where imaginations, both young and old, can wander freely.

For more information contact the gallery on 012 991 1733, or 083 653 6928, e-mail
Jonathan Comerford
Fish vendor
MONO/LINO - Theo, Jono, Clare & friends

Theo Paul Vorster, Jonathan Comerford and Clare Menck each hosted a mono or lino workshop for ten invited artists specialising in non-printmaking disciplines.

30 workshopped prints and three cameo solos by the thee artists put printmaking on the map at Art B Gallery this month.

The exhibition is on until 6 October 2016.

For more information contact the gallery in the Bellville Library Centre on, 021 917 1197.
Come see what 4 artists did in Paris

Works in progress and works for sale by Donna McKellar, Marcella Sprong, Predrag Lojanica and Gill Alderman.

The exhibition at Newlands Quarter, corner of Dean and Main Streets, Newlands, Cape Town is truly a pop up exhibition, so call on 083 556 2540 if you wish to view by appointment or just pop by and peep through the huge glass windows – sometimes they may be open! An RSVP always helps

For more information contact Gill Allderman on 083 556 2540.
News from VANSA: Boda Boda lounge project 2016: open call

The Boda Boda lounge project is a cross-continental video festival that will feature at over 15 spaces throughout Africa between 18 and 20 November.

Boda Boda is currently accepting video art submissions from artists based in Africa and of African descent. Relevant submissions will be put forward for intercontinental screening and exhibition programming.

The project is based on the conviction that video art can create exchanges between different contexts in Africa. It allows both the transcending of physical boundaries and the creation of an intimate atmosphere for introspection and contemplation.

Boda Boda Lounge 2016 sees the bending of terrorism torn borders, threats of the building of walls and increasingly squeezed spaces for progressive thought and political leadership worldwide.

In redefining space we propose to look down and through rather than around us. Based on the metaphor of the stack of layers, this year's theme - SuperPosition - highlights the ability of the artist to excavate, bend and twist spaces.

Beyond the simple technique gesture to overlay the video elements, we seek video works for the project to show the artist's responsibility to stand outside the video's elements and reorganise them to better convey its narrative. The 2016 project will exhibit video art works that burrow into the future, like an archaeologist.

It is a collaborative project between VANSA South Africa, Waza Congo DRC and VAN Lagos, Nigeria. It enables wide access for African artists to be part of the festival and to enable a wide range of African arts organisations to take part. It is an engagement with low cost, widely accessible exchange processes on the African continent.

The project will take place on the same date for three days in a number of the venues or hosting hubs across the continent.

Selection criteria

The works will travel through the many venues during the selection period, where each hosting hub's jury will do a final selection for the exhibition.

Download application forms (ENG / FR) and submit them to with the subject line [Boda Boda project submission]. You can also e-mail this address for enquiries.

Deadline for submissions: 13 October 2016.
Teaching the young @ Stone Fish Gallery in Paternoster

Every Saturday morning youngsters in Paternoster turn up at the Stone Fish Gallery to learn about the finer things in pottery.

Gallery owner and fine artist Dianne Heesom-Green takes them through the ropes - making sure that these young people are learning all that is necessary to become fine potters.

"Art is also about discipline, so part of the training is about cleaning up afterwards," says Heesom-Green.

"It is rewarding to see youngsters turning up on a Saturday morning - this is what dedication is all about."

SANAVA will watch these budding artists' future with anticipation.
SANAVA secretariat
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