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August 2018
Avi's notes

The South African Lotteries Commission's allocations following requests by the SANAVA branches in Stellenbosch, the Creative Industries Consortium on behalf of the Pretoria Art Museum and the Centurion Art Association, have been made. The requests, made in 2013, also included a proposal to allocate funds to empowering projects in very rural communities.

SANAVA'S Annual General Meeting was held at the Association of Arts, Pretoria on Saturday, 28 July. Thank you to everyone who attended and who participated in discussions. Thank you also to Pieter and Nandi of the arts association for hosting the meeting and for organising the walkabout of the very interesting exhibition by Zyma Amien and Ingrid Bolton, previous winners of the prestigious Sasol New Signatures art competition. The minutes will be distributed to members soon.

The University of Johannesburg is hosting a colloquium on 13 September, themed Art in the time of Africa. SANAVA Matters will report on this in the next edition.

Enjoy reading this edition of SANAVA Matters and forward your contributions to the secretariat at

Until next time.

Avi Sooful
National President
Zeitz Mocaa on Time magazine's list of top 100 places in the world

"It's nearly impossible to take in the artwork at the museum without also being wowed by the space," says Time magazine about the Zeitz Mocaa museum in Cape Town.

The museum features in the magazine's top places to visit category. The magazine features a list of the best museums, theme parks, bars, restaurants and hotels, calling it 'The world's greatest places'.

Entries, which were not ranked, were evaluated on factors such as quality, originality, innovation, sustainability and influence. The list features 100 destinations that span 48 countries and was created with the help of the publication's editors and correspondents from around the world, along with the input of industry experts.
What's on at the Association of Arts, Pretoria?

Stalwart Minette van Rooyen-Zaaiman's exhibition, Travel stories, is on at the gallery until 19 September, with a walkabout on Saturday, 15 September at 11:00.

Dale Lambert is the association's Potter of the Month and will exhibit from 2 to 26 September. The official opening is on Sunday, 2 September 2018 at 10:30 and the exhibition is held in partnership with Ceramics Southern Africa's Gauteng Region.

For more information phone Pieter or Nandi on 012 346 3100.
Botanica: new perspectives on botanical art

Botanical art refers to the depiction of the form, colour and details of plant species, often with scientific accuracy along with an artistic component. Artists invited to participate in Botanica were asked by the curator to challenge their traditional understanding of Botanical Art, while incorporating unconventional techniques.

Opening at the art.b gallery in Bellville on Wednesday, 12 September, viewers can look forward to a wide variety of media, from stitching, embroidery and fibre arts to ceramic, sculpture, assemblage, collage, painting, printmaking and drawing.

The dress code is Botanical and the winner will receive an original print by Adele van Heerden.

For more information contact Riana Human, e-mail, tel 021 917 1197.
Beyond Knowing Nature

This group exhibition by Sophie Niemann, Hennie van der Berg and Anne Watt will be opened by Johann Nel at the Cape Gallery in Church Street, Cape Town on Sunday, 2 September at 16:30.

The exhibition is on until 28 September.

Emotion, compassion, meaning and beauty are pathways to experiencing nature. It is believed that feeling connected with nature is beneficial to wellbeing and pro-environmental behaviour. What binds these artists is their love of the natural world and their unique way of expressing this.

Sophie Niemann
"I aim to touch a wider audience who not only enjoy my creations, but who I trust form a connection with the wonders of nature, in the hopes of raising awareness to support conservation initiatives."

Sophie Niemann is a British born artist who has lived in Africa for the past 20 years. In 1996 she moved to Botswana where she became a field guide, wildlife researcher, worked for a conservation community organisation and finally set up her own field guide training academy.

Anne Watt
"Living in the Lowveld, I am faced with colour and light each day. The rural settings and vibrant clothes weave their way into my work. People ease into these scenes. I have lived in Scotland, Papua New Guinea, Australia and South Africa. The colours have changed with each country, but now Africa is in my soul. When you paint with your heart, you know you are on the correct path."

Hennie van der Berg
Nature, especially rock formations, mountains, clouds and trees are his inspiration. Hennie was born in 1949 in Bloemfontein in the Free State. Growing up on a farm, nature was life and life was nature. After studying at the University of the Free State he worked as a geologist for forty years. He is now a full-time artist.
Printmakers of Venice @ Mok Gallery

In September 2017, seven artists from different countries arrived in Venice to partake in a printmaking workshop. These individuals would soon bond with each other in a professional printing studio that forms part of an art school. As a group they would bring with them a mixture of cultures, ages, races and experience. In this art rich city of bustling narrow streets and bridges, turquoise canals with their gondolas and water taxies, being strange to each other soon gave way to a sense of community, closeness and sharing above all, the love of artmaking.

On from 2 to 28 September, the exhibition represents Australia, Canada, China, India, the USA and South Africa.

Curated by Katie Barnard du Toit, the exhibition of Emily Cucalon, Chrissie Thring, Mei Fung Chan, Gattani Sheetal, Katie Du Toit and Noeleen Kleve is on at the Muratie Wine Estate in Stellenbosch.

In the spirit of the Biennale, evenings were spent around an Open Table (Tavola Aperta), creating total hospitality, cooking, cheering on unknown sports teams, singing loudly to pop favourites and dancing outrageously. As printmakers they discovered what inspired and drew them in, resulting in a feeling of connectedness that would seem perfectly fit for the 57 Venice Biennale's theme of Viva Arte Viva.

On what impact the group dynamics had on them, the artists responded &nash;

Mei Fung Chan (China): "The melting heart of Venetian gelato springs into our multicultural artistic practice". Mei has a master's degree in Fine Art and has travelled broadly. Her artist statement: In every set of work, I use portraits to express my ideas. I have designed each image with different poses, elements and space. Portraits allow me to express my emotions. Plants, trees, objects and animals create different symbolisms. My goal for each piece is for my viewers to explore and discover the unseen space.

Emily Cucalon (USA): "I was inspired by the collaborative environment (and isolation) of living and working with strangers, who quickly turned to friends, both inside and outside the studio ... and late night gelato walks." Emily is a highly merited artist who has won numerous international awards. Cucalon creates alternate depictions of physical and existential spaces. Her work focuses on notions of home, exploring a sense of place and belonging, as well as the complexities of communication. She looks to photographs, text, and ephemera such as postcards, maps, and other found images as the visual materials for her work. Cucalon deconstructs and reinterprets these materials to formulate her prints, using her collages as preliminary sketches.

Katie Barnard du Toit (South Africa): "I knew the fellowship would provide me with the freedom of time and space to develop work and creatively explore new ideas, but to discover that I was surrounded by the Ya-Ya sisterhood crowned it as the ultimate experience". Katie needs no introduction to the South African art scene. Known for her abundance of positive energy and hands-on involvement in different sectors of the community, whether it be curating, canvassing against fracking or organising Eisteddfods, she continuously works on the development of her artistic skills and exposure. Katie is finalising her master's degree in Fine Art.

Sheetal Gattani (India): "The synergy in the group ... the way each one handheld me the first few days!! It was emotionally overwhelming ... the creative atmosphere each one brought to the Venice studio". Sheetal holds a master's degree in Fine Art. She participated in numerous selected exhibitions in India.

Noeleen Kleve (South Africa): "Working with the creative energy of this diverse group of artists was wonderfully inspiring and a stimulus for exciting and uncharted printmaking explorations". Noeleen is a South African artist and printmaker, living on the Cape Peninsula. Preoccupied by encroaching threats to honeybees, her work in this exhibition explores ways to create a buzz about this vital environmental concern. Noeleen has a degree in Visual Arts and is an established artist who regularly exhibits in South Africa.

Cassie Thring (Australia): "It was the total immersive nature of our month together in Venice that influenced my art making, and the generosity of our group to share their skills, stories and life ... Aperol spritz and crazy women". Cassie is an Australian born artist living in Adelaide, South Australia. Graduating with a BVA in 2015, she works in a group studio, across disciplines with a genuine determination to play with ideas and ways of making. Her work is currently concerned with navigating the unknown, outer edges of life, creating alternate views in paint, ceramic, video, photography and printmaking. Cassie exhibited extensively in selected exhibitions in Australia and Italy.
Countdown to FNB JoburgArtFair 2018

Malawian-born Billie Zangewa is the featured artist for the 2018 edition of the FNB JoburgArtFair from 6 to 9 September.

"After many years of celebrating great artists who reside elsewhere in the world as featured artists, the FNB JoburgArtFair team felt it was time to focus on an artist who lives and works in Johannesburg and expresses lives lived there. Billie Zangewa's quiet work has been included in many prestigious collections and exhibitions worldwide, and we are excited to, this year, present a large scale work to our FNB JoburgArtFair audience," says Mandla Sibeko, Fair Director.
Abandoned Pool, Springfontein - Oil on canvas 116cm x 80cm
Abandoned Pool, Parys 3 - Oil on canvas 84cm x 60cm
The smell of small towns

In this exhibition of observational realism, the artist Willem Pretorius finds inspiration in the smells and sights of the small towns of South Africa and his depiction of them on canvas is that of a local and not a mere tourist or casual passer-by.

The exhibition is on until 19 September at the Skukan Gallery in Pretoria.

The artist loves the way nature reclaims these man-made structures. Through documenting these landscapes as he sees them, he forces the onlooker to stand still where he stopped and look through his eyes and maybe see in a new light, the beauty in decay.

His theme is mainly concerned with the 'platteland' and its changing landscapes. It can be seen as a type of visual diary where he documents a specific time and place in our history and in doing so, remembers.

It also reminds us of our own transience and mortality.

Everything is temporary.

For more information, phone 012 991 1733, 083 653 6928,
South African Society of Artists – silk painting workshop

Maré Bruwer will present a silk painting workshop on Saturday, 8 September.

The technique requires careful planning and patience and the application is very different from other media. The final product is unpredictable as a few misplaced drops of water or salt can change the work entirely, but the results can be breath-taking.

The workshop will be held at the Peter Clarke Art Centre in Newlands and the cost is R350. The only additional cost will be the silk at R35 a metre.

Book at and pay SASA Nedbank Constantia branch 198765 account 1088006981. Use your name and the name of the workshop as the beneficiary reference.
Bag Factory curatorial development programme – call for applications

The Bag Factory is looking for a young, dynamic aspiring curator to participate in the Curatorial Development Programme. We want to provide the aspiring curator with an opportunity to understand the end-to-end production of the exhibition process.

The selected participant will be expected to work with professional curators to hone their proposal, select artists to participate in the exhibition, monitor the production of work, market and drive publicity for the artists and exhibition, price the works, hang the exhibition and finally make sales.

The Johannesburg-based programme will be five months long, starting on 1 November 2018.

Who is eligible?
  • Someone who is passionate about the arts and exhibitions
  • You must have access to a computer, cellphone
  • You must have the ability to get around the city
  • You must commit to a minimum of one day a week to the project
  • You must have interest in curatorship and some previous curatorial experience
  • You must be under the age of 35
What will you receive?
  • Mentorship from experienced curators
  • A hot desk at the Bag Factory Artists' Studios
  • A monthly stipend for travel
  • A funded exhibition at the Bag Factory Artist Studios
What do you need to submit an application?
A proposal that focuses on innovative work by young emerging artists. The proposal must include:
  • what curatorial or artist concept you wish to explore
  • how you intend to utilise the concept
  • the format of the exhibition
  • a short list of artists that you want to work with
  • a detailed CV with at least two references
  • a single A4-page typed motivation, including personal details and outlining reasons why you believe you deserve the award
  • a copy of your ID
Applications must be sent to with the subject line 'Curatorial Programme'.

Deadline: 28 September 2018


The Bag Factory would like to thank the Department of Arts and Culture for making this programme possible.

SANAVA secretariat
Junxion Communications, e-mail, tel +27 82 551 4853